Be THE Voice® is a student-driven initiative
that results in a kinder, more inclusive school environment.
Our revolutionary program is built upon proven techniques
that help develop a student's interpersonal skills
- through first-hand experiences -
resulting in confident student leaders
in the classroom and beyond.

Signs of struggle & conflict are prevalent in school systems nationwide as students return to the classroom after spending the last year behind screens.

Districts across the country are reporting spikes in student conflict far exceeding the number of incidences generally seen during a year.  Across the board there’s a quickness to agitation, less patience, kids are more easily overwhelmed with an accelerated academic schedule, on top of learning how to interact with each other again, face-to-face.

Neuroscience research has proven that strong relationships and supportive school programs can help buffer the effects of stress. Students who feel safe and happy in their school will be able to focus their attention on learning and will perform better academically.

Enter… Be THE Voice!®

Since program inception in 2015, our high-energy student-driven “Movement for Kindness, Compassion & Inclusion” has resulted in a more inclusive environment in schools all throughout Georgia.
Our initiative encourages students to unplug from screens and reconnect with their peers, school, and community – something desperately needed post-pandemic.

At the very heart of the Be THE Voice® campaign is the belief that an empowered student is the “true agent of change” – now and in the future.

Please consider onboarding your school – or District – with our P2P approach and watch as your student-body takes the lead in cultivating a kinder, more compassionate school environment, one VOICE at a time!


Students learn how to inspire change within their peer group, school and community.