What happens to your brain when you witness an act of kindness?

WHY is the #beTHEvoice initiative so successful? Because witnessing acts of kindness benefits our brains!
“It turns out there’s a term for the warm, uplifting high we get from witnessing kindness: moral elevation, according to UC Berkeley?s Greater Good Science Center. We experience moral elevation partly because when we see an act of kindness, in order to recognize it as such, we need to model it onto our own brain cells, drawing on past acts of kindness we?ve observed, as well as our own experiences of giving and receiving kindness, Rhett Diessner, a professor of psychology at Lewis-Clark State College, tells Mic. This modeling can lead us to ?[have] this vicarious experience,? as if we were both the giver and recipient, he explains”.
If you have 5 minutes, read this article! This philosophy has been the foundation of the #beTHEvoice campaign for 5 years: